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Established in 1998.

Over the last 20+ years, EARL Security has protected over 5,000 homes & businesses Southern California.​

EARL Security, Inc. supplies, installs, maintains, repairs,
& monitors, best-in-class fire alarm & security systems for: 

  • residential properties

  • apartment HOA complex

  • commercial and industrial facilities

  • construction sites

  • government buildings of all levels.

  • storefront retail locations

  • warehousesmotels, & private schools

Image by Henning Witzel

Lynn Chen


While at work, Lynn's apartment was burglarized. After this stressful experience, she started EARL Security to help protect families & homes in her area. She has since dedicated her life to spreading positive energy and takes great pride in keeping her community safe.

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We are here to serve our community. Lynn Chen is actively involved with the following organizations: 

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