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High-Performance, Solar LED
Lighting Towers

How It Works

Our portable solar towers light up a large area without making any noise or using any external power supply. This product does not require any Gas, Petrol or Diesel. Easily choose the appropriate combination of solar power and lights for the best performance you require. Four-light models can be expanded to eight lights in just minutes. Operating modes include automated dusk-to-dawn operation.


• 10kw & 20kw / 48-volt batteries provide longer backup 

• 1300w solar panels charge batteries quicker than 
• 50/100 hours of run time on a single charge 

• 30,000 lumens of light larger area
• Flying mast is between 6'- 20' 

• No gas or harmful fumes 

• Schedule lighting with Timer in control box 

• Optional EV Charger available

• Proudly made in the U.S.A 

• Optional security camera option increases security

• Different sorts of light options

• Built-in Security Lock

Outdoor System

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