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When selecting your security system, one of the most important considerations is the availability of a communication link, and the flexibility to select a different link in the future if necessary.


You have three options for connecting your system to our monitoring center:  

your 24/7 sentry – always on duty

 DIAL-UP phone lines were once the only way to connect to the monitoring center. However, dial-up is probably the least secure communication link because phone lines may be downed by weather or cut by intruders. 

NETWORK (Internet) connections provide much higher communication speeds than dial-up, and also enable a range of new features. With a Network connection, it is possible to remotely access your system and receive alerts/alarms via email.

CELLULAR is becoming the most reliable and capable connection. Your cellular connection can’t be accidentally or intentionally cut, and cellular opens the door to an incredible assortment of mobile security features.

Total Mobile Control

If you include a cellular connection for your security system, you have a

number of options for mobile control.

• Send commands to your security system via simple text message,      allowing any text-capable phone or device to become a remote control  for your system.

• Access all of the most commonly used security system functions and  video via an attractive graphic interface on your smart phone or mobile  device.

• Use the smart phone or mobile device app to remotely access interior  and exterior wireless IP video cameras. View the images live, record  video clips, or have clips emailed to you.

Control Your Property

Using cellular communication with your security system makes it possible to add a variety of home control features via your smart phone or mobile device:

• Remotely turn on lights, tv's and other appliances, creating the impression that someone is home.

• Adjust your thermostat, so you can set the temperature while away, then adjust it to a comfortable temperature on the way home…a real energy and money saver.

• Lock or unlock exterior doors, so you can let someone in, even when you’re not, and eliminate the need to rush home to verify that you locked the door on your way out.

• Open or close your garage door and check the status of the door.

Features Your Home Can Depend On

False Alarm Feature: The keypad prompts users to answer “Is this a false alarm?”. The station then receives a simple "Yes or No" response as to whether to dispatch or not.

Two-Button Panic: Call help immediately by punching in the two-button panic key combination.

Red-Illuminated Keypad: Most systems reset after an alarm has been tripped. Yours will illuminate red until YOU reset it. If you see red, you know there was trouble – and that the intruder could still be inside.

Home/Sleep/Away: Press one button to turn off your system. Press one button to only arm your doors and windows but not the interior motion sensors. Press Away to fully arm your system.

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